CuGROW- 99
Frequently Asked Questions.


What is CuGROW-99™?

CuGROW-99™ is a revolutionary poultry supplement designed to enhance the health and performance of both broilers and layers in the poultry sector. It is formulated with a blend of internationally certified SANI-99™ for AGRI, a pH manipulator, and copper additives.


How does CuGROW-99™ benefit poultry farms?

CuGROW-99™ offers a range of benefits, including improved growth rates, enhanced disease resistance, better feather quality, and optimised feed conversion ratios. It also contributes to reducing stress levels in poultry, leading to improved overall welfare.


What makes CuGROW-99™ unique?

CuGROW-99™ stands out for its stable powder form, making transportation and storage more efficient and cost-effective. It is also tailored to meet the specific water standards of each farm, ensuring customised solutions for individual needs.


How is CuGROW-99™ administered to poultry?

CuGROW-99™ can be easily dissolved in drinking water lines, simplifying its application, and ensuring uniform distribution throughout the poultry house. It can be added manually to water containers or troughs, or incorporated into water supply tanks using automated dosing systems.


Is CuGROW-99™ environmentally friendly?

Yes, CuGROW-99™ is designed with environmental sustainability in mind. Our packaging is designed to reduce carbon emissions, and CuGrow™ is scientifically formulated with a combination of biodegradable chemicals.


How often should CuGROW-99™ be used?

For optimal results, CuGROW-99™ should be used with every cycle. For exceptional results,
also include SANI-99™ for AGRI as part of your poultry health biosecurity. Continuous
treatment of water sources with CuGROW-99™ helps maintain uninterrupted disinfection
and ensures consistent benefits for poultry health and performance.


Can CuGROW-99™ be used in organic poultry farming?

Yes, CuGROW-99™ is suitable for use in organic poultry farming operations. All active ingredients are ECHA approved. University studies has shown that the actives used in CuGrow™ will improve poultry health.


How does CuGROW-99™ compare to other poultry supplements?

CuGROW-99™ offers a comprehensive solution with its unique customised formulation. It provides superior benefits in terms of stability, and most importantly, it is tailored for each individual farm.


Where can I purchase CuGROW-99™?

CuGROW-99™ can be purchased from authorised distributors or through the Scientific Sanitation Solutions (SSS) directly. For inquiries or assistance, please contact our customer support team for guidance and recommendations.


Can CuGROW-99™ be used in conjunction with other supplements?

Yes, CuGROW-99™ can be safely used alongside other poultry supplements. However, it is
essential to consult with the manufacturer, your veterinarian, or poultry nutritionist, to ensure
compatibility and avoid potential interactions between different supplements.


What is the shelf life of CuGROW-99™?

CuGROW-99™ has a long shelf life when stored properly in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. The exact shelf life may vary, but it typically ranges from 12 to 24 months from the date of manufacture.


Does CuGROW-99™ require any special handling or storage conditions?

CuGROW-99™ is provided in a stable powder form, making it easy to handle and store. It does not require any special storage conditions, but should be kept sealed in its original packaging to prevent moisture ingress and maintain product integrity.


Is CuGROW-99™ suitable for all poultry breeds and ages?

Yes, CuGROW-99™ is formulated to benefit all types of poultry, including broilers, layers, and various breeds. It can be administered from hatchlings to mature birds, providing consistent benefits throughout the poultry lifecycle.


Can CuGROW-99™ be used as a preventive measure against specific poultry diseases?

While CuGROW-99™ is not a replacement for veterinary care or disease management protocols, its immune-boosting properties and pathogen reduction capabilities can help prevent certain poultry diseases. However, it is essential to implement proper biosecurity measures and protocols in conjunction with CuGROW-99™ for comprehensive disease prevention strategies.

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