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More than 2 billion people are currently trapped in water-stressed countries, while shockingly, a staggering 900 million individuals continue to endure the daily torment of lacking access to clean drinking water. This grim reality signifies that over 1 in every 8 people across the globe is living without this basic necessity.

The gravity of this crisis cannot be overstated. Access to safe drinking water is not a luxury but a fundamental human right, essential for our very survival and well-being. What adds to the shock is the stark fact that contaminated water claims more lives than the combined toll of diseases like Malaria, COVID-19, and AIDS. Contaminated water breeds and spreads deadly diseases like Cholera, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Polio, leaving a trail of suffering and death in its wake. 

In line with the United Nations’ declaration that “Everyone has the right to sufficient, continuous, safe, acceptable, physically accessible, and affordable water for personal and domestic use,” this ongoing water crisis should serve as a resounding wake-up call. It highlights the urgent need for immediate and concerted action to address this dire global issue.

Introducing SANI AMANZI™, a cutting-edge point-of-use solution that is not only affordable but also highly practical for all those exposed to contaminated water sources. This innovative product effectively eliminates waterborne pathogenic bacteria through a unique blend of safe active ingredients. Developed by a team of experts deeply knowledgeable about the challenges posed by contaminated water, SANI AMANZI™ stands out as the ultimate solution to the clean water crisis. Furthermore, SANI AMANZI™ demonstrates exceptional effectiveness against antibiotic-resistant bacteria and successfully eradicates a wide spectrum of pathogenic microbes. What sets this product apart is its ingenious design, incorporating an inorganic, natural, and non-polluting reagent. SANI AMANZI™ is poised to revolutionise access to clean water and make a significant impact on global health.

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SANI-AMANZI™ is effective in neutralising Salmonella, Shigella and Cholera in the water and has a sanitising efficacy of 0 (ZERO) E.coli/p/p 100ml.


SANI-AMANZI™ is effective in neutralising Salmonella, Shigella and Cholera in the water and has a sanitising efficacy of 0 (ZERO) E.coli/p/p 100ml.


SANI-AMANZI™ with it's technical and scientific formula consists of some ground-breaking ingredients.


SANI-AMANZI™ fuels the beneficial bacteria in your gut and has also been proven to have a detoxifying affect that can improve your bodies pH balance. It is also safe for human consumption once correctly diluted.


SANI-AMANZI™ has passed the SANS 241-1:2015 - the South African National Standard for Drinking Water.


SANI-AMANZI™ was classified as being of "Good Water Quality" meaning that it is fit for use as potable water and domestic use purposes. It has also been approved by the FDA for use as a household chemical substance.

Water Quality Classification

SANI AMANZI™ has been tested by accredited SANAS laboratories using the SANS 241-1:2015 Drinking Water Standards and the WRC Domestic Use Standard classification system (*see diagram below).

After vigorous testing of SANI AMANZI™ it was determined that the samples collected and treated displayed physical, chemical and bacteriological qualities that were deemed as fit for use as potable water and for domestic use purposes. The WRC classified SANI AMANZI™ as being of “Good Water Quality” (class one); meaning treated water was suitable for life-time use, with rare instances of sub-clinical effects.

To gain more insight into the WRC Domestic Use Standard classification system please visit 

*The WRC Domestic Use Standard classification system

Scientific Sanitation Solutions are always striving to achieve breakthrough discoveries in chemistry, to make effective clarification possible every time. Any Point-of-Use product claiming to be 100% successful in the clarification of water every time, irrespective of pH and other chemistry influences, are misleading and false. 

We take great pride in providing our customers with full transparency, and have tested SANI-AMANZI™ on the most contaminated of water sources in South Africa to ensure we meet our efficacy standard goals of eliminating 99.99% of waterborne pathogenic bacteria and this remains our core goal to this very day.

Environmentally Responsible

In recognition of the climate crisis and our responsibility to do all we can to reduce the amount of plastic waste harming our environment, SANI AMANZI™ has been purposefully designed to reduce, and wherever possible, stop plastic bottle contamination.

With our “plastic-free” principle in mind, SANI AMANZI™ has been packaged via powder sachet as an alternative to liquid purifiers on the market. All you need is a sachet of SANI AMANZI™ and water to fill your bucket and you will have a powerful and environmentally friendly water purifier.


66 Trucks

Transportation requirements

for 2 million litres of

bottled water

1 Truck

Transportation requirements

for purifying 40 million litres of

water using SANI AMANZI™ 

We do not only believe in eradicating pathogens but also reducing our carbon footprint. By using a SANI AMANZI™ sachet as an alternative to bottled water or liquid water purifiers this means that less trucks are required for transportation, thus being more friendly on the environment.

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Powder Solution

Instructions for Use

To treat contaminated water using SANI AMANZI™ mix one 6g powder sachet with 20 litres of water, following the instructions provided below. Ensure you use a clean container and thoroughly stir the powder into the contaminated water. Once treatment is complete, use a clean and tightly woven cloth to filter the water. It is important not to filter the sedimentation that has settled at the bottom of the container.
* Do not combine with other disinfectants, sanitisers, acids, or ammonia. Avoid direct contact with anhydrous powder with your eyes, and never ingest it. Refrain from consuming coagulants or precipitates generated during the sanitization process. It’s important to note that every water source possesses its unique chemical composition. The pH level of the water plays a pivotal role in the coagulation process. Additionally, factors like particle size, particle density, liquid density, surface charge, and water chemistry exert significant influences on the settling of fine particles.

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