Providing the
Ultimate Protection
for Healthcare Settings.

At Scientific Sanitation Solutions, we fully recognise the importance of maintaining a sterile and safe environment in healthcare settings. This dedication has driven us to develop SANI-99™, a specially formulated medical-grade disinfectant designed to effectively target a wide spectrum of harmful microorganisms. Our mission is to provide unparalleled protection for patients, staff, and visitors alike.

SANI-99™ boasts an advanced formula that offers a lasting defence, making it a valuable asset in the fast-paced and high-traffic environment of healthcare facilities. With continuous safeguarding, we aim to reduce the risk of potential infections, ensuring a safer and healthier environment for everyone within the premises.

We understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare facilities, where the risk of infections spreading is ever-present. With SANI-99™, we offer healthcare professionals a reliable and potent tool that significantly minimises the risk of cross-contamination, supporting their tireless efforts to provide top-quality care to patients.

Unbeatable Protection
Against Pathogens

SANI-99™ is an exceptional medical-grade disinfectant, meticulously developed to achieve unparalleled efficacy against a broad spectrum of harmful pathogens, including bacteria and viruses.

With a focus on delivering excellence, our cutting-edge formulation ensures thorough and long-lasting protection, maintaining Log 7 stability for over 90 days.

SANI-99™ is a proven medical-grade disinfectant, backed by rigorous research and innovation, specifically designed to combat infections in healthcare environments. From hospitals to clinics, nursing homes, and other medical facilities, SANI-99™ serves as a reliable ally in the battle against harmful pathogens. 

Gentle & Skin Friendly
Hand Sanitation

SANI-99‘s compliance with the exclusive EN1500 standard makes it an exceptional hand sanitiser for healthcare settings. This prestigious certification ensures its effectiveness in reducing harmful microorganisms on hands, providing reliable protection for healthcare professionals, patients, and visitors.

The EN1500 standard reassures healthcare workers that they can trust SANI-99™ for frequent hand sanitisation without worrying about skin irritation or compromising disinfection. For patients and visitors, it offers peace of mind, knowing that healthcare providers prioritise their well-being by using a certified and highly effective hand sanitiser. SANI-99™’s gentle and skin-friendly formulation sets it apart from traditional alcohol-based sanitisers, making it an optimal choice for healthcare environments.

A New Benchmark For
Infection Control

With SANI-99™, we take immense pride in the exceptional quality and efficacy of our product, which is evident in its compliance with a multitude of rigorous industry standards.

SANI-99™ has proudly surpassed several key standards, including EN1276, EN13727, EN1040, EN13697, EN14476, and many more, reaffirming its position as a paragon of reliable and effective infection control.

By exceeding these stringent standards, SANI-99™ has earned the trust and endorsement of healthcare professionals and establishments worldwide. Time and again, our product has proven its capability to deliver superior performance, making it a preferred choice in the realm of infection control.

Alcohol & Chlorine Free
For Ultimate Safety

Unlike conventional disinfectants that may contain alcohol or chlorine, we have meticulously formulated SANI-99™ to be free from these harmful chemicals. We understand the importance of creating a safe and hazard-free environment, especially in  healthcare facilities where patient well-being and staff safety are top priorities.

By eliminating alcohol and chlorine from its formulation, SANI-99™ delivers unparalleled safety and peace of mind. The absence of alcohol ensures that SANI-99™ is non-flammable, mitigating the risk of potential fire hazards in environments where oxygen-rich atmospheres or electrical equipment are present.

A Trusted Name
in Infection Control

SANI-99 has firmly established itself as a trusted and reliable name in infection control, earning the confidence of organisations, including the NHS Supply Chain. 

We are also proud to have forged a valuable partnership with Lyreco, further validating our undisputed effectiveness and unmatched protection in healthcare settings. 

With a proven track record of excellence, SANI-99™ has become the preferred choice for leading healthcare establishments and businesses alike in infection prevention and control. 

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A Smart Solution
For Cost Savings

Experience streamlined infection control with SANI-99™, offering a cost-effective solution through optimised product consumption and reduced staff absenteeism.

It’s extended efficacy translates to reduced product consumption, resulting in lower overall costs for healthcare facilities. Embrace the practicality of SANI-99™ and embark on a journey towards superior infection control and improved budget management.

Eco Friendly
& Innovative

SANI-99 remains committed to creating a healthier planet through our innovative water-based formula. Not only does SANI-99™ ensure effective disinfection, but it also actively addresses plastic bottle pollution.

Embrace our revolutionary “One bottle for Life” concept, offering a powder form that eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles. Make a conscientious choice for a greener and more sustainable future with SANI-99™, where environmental responsibility meets cutting-edge innovation. 

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