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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for SANI-99™ – the revolutionary medical-grade disinfectant solution. Below, we’ve gathered answers to some common queries about SANI-99™ and its applications. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team for further assistance.


What is SANI-99™?

SANI-99™ is an innovative medical-grade disinfectant solution designed to redefine disinfection and infection practices. It offers a holistic approach to maintaining hygiene standards while addressing challenges posed by traditional disinfectants.


How does SANI-99™ offer an alternative to traditional disinfectants?

SANI-99™ presents a groundbreaking solution. It targets and eliminates pathogens without alcohol or chlorine. Its unmatched potency exceeds bleach by 2,000 times, ensuring exceptional effectiveness. Additionally, it is gentle on the skin, and accidents like swallowing or eye contact pose no harm.


Is SANI-99™ suitable for both surface disinfection and hand sanitisation?

Absolutely! SANI-99™ serves a dual purpose. It can be used both as a surface disinfectant and a hand sanitiser, providing comprehensive infection control.


How effective is SANI-99™ and has it been tested in an accredited laboratory?

SANI-99™ is highly effective, proven to eliminate bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and enveloped viruses. It has undergone rigorous testing in accredited laboratories, following European Standard EN and ilac.MRA/SANAS protocols, ensuring its certified efficacy.


What makes SANI-99™ the preferred hand and surface disinfectant?

SANI-99™ excels with unmatched potency, skin-friendliness, certified effectiveness against pathogens, and sustained protection. Its 7-Log reduction ensures thorough pathogen elimination. It's also eco-friendly, reducing plastic waste and requiring fewer transports. With SANI-99™, you get powerful, safe, and sustainable disinfection.


What sets SANI-99™apart from alcohol-based disinfectants?

The main distinction lies in efficacy and user-friendliness. Alcohol-based products offer short-lived effectiveness and diluted alcohol might not match claims. They come with strong odors, flammability risks, and potential skin damage. In contrast, SANI-99™ remains active longer, isn't flammable, and has demonstrated a 'soothing' effect on the skin. It stands out as a safer, more enduring option.


How effective is SANI-99™ after being sprayed onto a surface?

The effectiveness of SANI-99™ lasts until the next contamination occurs. It provides protection for the duration between applications, ensuring a continuous defence against pathogens.


Has SANI-99™ been tested for use as a hand sanitiser?

Absolutely. SANI-99™ underwent an additional EN 1276 test, proving its efficacy in killing 99.999% of all pathogenic bacteria within 10 - 30 seconds, making it a reliable choice for hand sanitisation.


What are the potential health risks associated with traditional disinfectants?

Chemical disinfectants can pose health risks due to their potential toxicity. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in many conventional disinfectants are linked to chronic respiratory problems, allergies, asthma, and even serious health issues such as cancer and autoimmune diseases. Skin irritations and damage are also common side effects.


Why do governing bodies recommend using alcohol-based disinfectants instead of SANI-99™?

Governing bodies have historically endorsed alcohol-based disinfectants due to their longstanding use. However, SANI-99™ is a new, alternative solution recently introduced to the market, featuring revolutionary technology. While alcohol-based disinfectants have decades of history, SANI-99™ is actively promoting its advanced approach. The more we highlight SANI-99™ as the preferred choice for surface and hand disinfection, the greater our collective safety.


What is the significance of the 7-Log reduction achieved by SANI-99™?

Achieving a 7-Log reduction (99.99995%), SANI-99™ stands as a top-tier non-alcohol-based disinfectant. This potency ensures thorough elimination of pathogens, making it a superior choice for infection control.


Can SANI-99™ effectively destroy different types of pathogens?

Yes, SANI-99™ has been tested and proven effective against a range of pathogens. It can destroy bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and enveloped viruses, ensuring comprehensive protection.


How does SANI-99™ compare to traditional disinfectants in terms of longevity?

SANI-99™ offers a long-lasting effect. Unlike many conventional products, it doesn't evaporate quickly. It remains on surfaces and hands, providing extended protection over time.


How has SANI-99™ been tested for its efficacy?

SANI-99™ has undergone rigorous testing following the European standard EN lab protocol. It has been proven to effectively eliminate pathogenic bacteria in as little as 10 seconds and tackle stubborn contaminants within 5 minutes.


How does SANI-99™ contribute to sustainability?

SANI-99™ champions eco-friendliness. It is formulated as a powder, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles. Our "One bottle for Life" approach reduces plastic waste and minimises carbon emissions.


Is there a substantial reduction in transportation needs with SANI-99™?

Absolutely. Compared to pre-mixed disinfectants, SANI-99™ requires significantly fewer transports, resulting in a notable decrease in carbon emissions and fuel consumption.


Will SANI-99™ bleach fabrics?

SANI-99™ is formulated primarily for surface and hand disinfection. While it's not designed to bleach fabrics, it's important to note that certain fabrics are more prone to bleaching than others. For instance, viscose is highly susceptible to bleaching, while polyester is less affected. Always remember that disinfectants are intended for surfaces, not fabrics.


How can I order SANI-99™?

Ordering SANI-99™ is straightforward. You can directly order through the NHS Supply Chain and Lyreco.


Where can I find more information about SANI-99™ and its products?

Explore our sectors and visit the SANI-99™ page for comprehensive details.


What is the EN1500 Standard?

The EN1500 Standard is a European standard that specifies the requirements for evaluating the effectiveness of hand disinfection products in reducing the spread of infectious agents. It outlines testing methods and criteria for assessing the efficacy of hand rubs used in healthcare and other settings to ensure proper hand hygiene.



What is the EN1276 Standard?

The EN1276 Standard is a European norm that specifies the requirements and test methods for evaluating the bactericidal activity of disinfectants and antiseptics in various settings, including food preparation areas and healthcare facilities. It ensures that these products effectively kill bacteria on surfaces.


What is the EN13727 Standard?

The EN13727 Standard is a European norm that outlines requirements and test methods for evaluating the effectiveness of disinfectants and antiseptics used in healthcare settings to kill or reduce bacteria on surfaces and medical devices. It helps ensure hygiene and safety in healthcare environments.


What is the EN1040 Standard?

The EN1040 Standard is a European norm that specifies the requirements and test methods for evaluating the basic bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. It is a fundamental standard that assesses a product's ability to eliminate bacteria under defined conditions. EN1040 testing provides information about a product's general bactericidal effectiveness.


What is the EN13697 Standard?

The EN13697 Standard is a European norm that assesses how well disinfectants and antiseptics work to eliminate bacteria and fungi on non-porous surfaces. It's important for ensuring hygiene and safety in various settings.


What is the EN14476 Standard?

The EN14476 Standard is a European norm that assesses how well disinfectants and antiseptics can inactivate viruses, including enveloped viruses like coronaviruses, ensuring their effectiveness in infection control and public health.


How can I get personalised assistance or answers to specific questions?

For personalised assistance, feel free to contact us directly. We're here to help you embrace a safer, healthier, and environmentally conscious approach to disinfection.

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