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SANI-99™: Your Ultimate Defence Against the BA.2.86 COVID-19 Variant in Care Homes

In a recent turn of events, the UK has been grappling with the emergence of the highly-mutated BA.2.86 COVID-19 variant, which has caused concern due to its rapid spread, especially within care homes. The NHS has swiftly responded by initiating booster shots for older residents, marking a crucial step in protecting the most vulnerable among us. While vaccinations play a pivotal role in this fight, it’s equally important to address another critical aspect of infection control—surface disinfection.

Scientific Sanitation Solutions, the proud producers of SANI-99™ medical-grade hand and surface disinfectant, understand the gravity of the situation. We firmly believe that preventing cross-contamination of surfaces is paramount in achieving comprehensive infection control. Here’s why SANI-99™ is your essential tool in the battle against COVID-19 variants, particularly in care home settings.

With SANI-99™, you have access to an extraordinary level of protection. Achieving a minimum 7-log reduction of 99.99995%, SANI-99™ stands as the pinnacle of non-alcohol-based disinfectants. Its unrivaled potency ensures a thorough and effective elimination of pathogens, including the elusive and highly contagious BA.2.86 variant.

SANI-99™ plays a pivotal role in ensuring cleanliness and hygiene across various sectors. Its advanced formulation has positioned it as a cornerstone of sanitation protocols in critical industries such as healthcare facilities, food industries, education, hospitality, public transportation, and office spaces.

  • In healthcare settings, SANI-99™ contributes to maintaining sterile and safe environments, safeguarding patients, medical personnel, and visitors from harmful pathogens.
  • In the food industry, it upholds rigorous sanitation standards to prevent foodborne illnesses, ensuring consumer safety.
  • Educational institutions benefit from SANI-99™ by creating clean and infection-free environments conducive to learning.
  • The hospitality sector relies on its potent disinfection capabilities to provide guests with a reassuringly hygienic experience.
  • Even in high-traffic environments like public transportation, SANI-99™ helps curb the spread of germs, fostering safe travel conditions.
  • Offices and fitness centers also implement SANI-99™ to cultivate healthy spaces for employees and clients alike.

Traditional disinfectants often contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that have been linked to chronic respiratory problems and other health issues. These compounds can trigger allergies, asthma, and even contribute to the development of cancer and autoimmune diseases. Additionally, they can be harsh on the skin, leading to irritation and damage. In contrast, SANI-99™ offers a powerful, medical-grade, and eco-friendly alternative.

  • SANI-99™ targets and eliminates pathogens without alcohol or chlorine.
  • Its potency surpasses bleach by 2,000 times, offering exceptional effectiveness.
  • It is gentle on the skin, and accidents like swallowing or eye contact pose no harm.

Now, let’s circle back to the heart of the matter—the safety of our loved ones in care homes. The BA.2.86 variant’s presence in these facilities emphasises the need for stringent infection control measures. SANI-99™ provides care homes with the means to achieve safe, sustainable, yet highly potent infection control against COVID-19 and other pathogens.

By incorporating SANI-99™ into their daily routines, care homes can ensure that high-touch surfaces remain free from harmful contaminants, reducing the risk of transmission among residents and staff. Our product is a powerful ally in this fight, offering peace of mind to all involved.

In these challenging times, Scientific Sanitation Solutions is committed to providing solutions that make a real difference. We stand with you in the fight against the BA.2.86 variant and all other emerging threats. Together, with SANI-99™, we can create safer environments, protect our loved ones, and work towards a healthier future.

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