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Angela Rayner MP Cuts Ribbon at SSS Distribution Centre Open Day

On Monday, October 16th, 2023, a momentous event took place at the Hartshead Service Station in Ashton Under Lyne, Greater Manchester. The Scientific Sanitation Solutions (SSS) Distribution Centre held an Open Day, graced by the presence of the distinguished Rt. Hon. Angela Rayner MP. The day was a resounding success, celebrating the cutting-edge work in sanitation technology and the increased potential to save lives.

The event was inaugurated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, an honor bestowed upon Angela Rayner MP. The presence of a prominent figure in British politics underscored the importance of the work being carried out by SSS in the realm of public health and safety.

As the ribbon was cut, Angela Rayner expressed her enthusiasm and support for the groundbreaking work done by SSS. She remarked,

“To come here and see the work that is happening here and the lives that are going to be saved and that have been saved by the products you have made and the technology you have worked on, it’s put a smile on my face and it has floored me. I am very proud that you are in Ashton.”

Angela Rayner’s words reflect the immense impact of SSS’s sanitation solutions. The Open Day was not just a showcase of technological advancements, but a testimony to the real-world difference these innovations are making. From high-quality medical-grade disinfectants to revolutionary water purification solutions, SSS is at the forefront of changing the way we think about sanitation and hygiene.

The success of the Open Day was also evident in the enthusiastic turnout of attendees, who had the opportunity to engage in discussions and network with experts regarding the science behind the products. This provided a platform for insightful conversations about how SSS’s solutions effectively eliminate harmful pathogens and ensure clean and safe environments. Experts were on hand to share valuable insights into the scientific foundations of these innovations, fostering a deeper understanding of their impact on public health and safety.

Moreover, the event fostered a platform for networking and collaboration. Professionals in the field, students, and individuals curious about the technology that safeguards our communities came together, forging connections and discussing the potential for future innovations in sanitation.

The commitment to environmental responsibility was another highlight of the day. Attendees learned about SSS’s dedication to sustainability, which is increasingly important in a world focused on protecting the planet.

In conclusion, the success of the Scientific Sanitation Solutions Distribution Centre Open Day on October 16th, 2023, was a testament to the importance of sanitation and hygiene in our society. Angela Rayner MP’s presence and her powerful words emphasised the significance of the work being done by SSS. The event showcased innovative solutions that are changing the way we approach public health and safety. With a commitment to saving lives and protecting the environment, SSS is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the world of sanitation.

For a overview of the day’s events, we invite you to click here and listen to SSS’s Managing Director, Victor Adendorff, as he elaborates on the proceedings.

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