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Revolutionising Infection Control with SANI-99™

In the realm of infection control, hand hygiene stands as a non-negotiable foundation. It’s a vital defence against the spread of infectious agents, and its significance cannot be overstated. At Scisan – Scientific Sanitation Solutions, we are proud to introduce a groundbreaking innovation in hand hygiene with SANI-99™, a non-alcohol-based disinfectant that raises the bar for pathogen elimination.

The Crucial Role of Hand Hygiene in Infection Control

Hand hygiene is a fundamental infection control measure, highlighted by NHS guidelines. Standard infection control precautions (SICPs) are essential for all staff in all care settings, whether infection is known or not. The impact of appropriate hand hygiene in reducing healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) cannot be overstated.

Understanding Hand Flora and its Significance in Infection Control

Human skin carries two types of microorganisms: transient and resident flora. Transient flora, though short-lived on the skin, pose a higher pathogenic potential and are often behind nosocomial infections. Hand hygiene practices aim to reduce their presence, contributing significantly to infection control efforts.

The Evolution of Hand Hygiene in Infection Control

Hand hygiene practices have come a long way, supported by solid evidence. Invisible microorganisms may lurk on seemingly clean hands, making their removal crucial in preventing transmission. The evolution of hand hygiene is intertwined with the broader journey of infection control.

Introducing SANI-99™: A Game-Changer in Infection Control

We are excited to introduce SANI-99™, a revolutionary non-alcohol-based disinfectant that outperforms bleach by a staggering 2,000 times. Its exceptional efficacy is matched by its skin-friendliness, ensuring safety in case of accidental swallowing or eye contact. SANI-99™ achieves a minimum 7-log reduction of 99.99995%, setting a new standard for pathogen elimination. It is gentle on the skin yet powerful in action, making it a game-changer for hand hygiene in healthcare settings and beyond.

Conclusion: Elevating Infection Control

Innovation in infection control is a continuous journey, and hand hygiene remains a cornerstone. SANI-99™ represents a giant leap forward, offering unparalleled protection while being gentle on the skin. By integrating this remarkable solution into your infection control regimen, you’re proactively safeguarding the health of all individuals within your care environment.

Discover the power of SANI-99™, the ultimate disinfectant solution, now available for order through the NHS Supply Chain and Lyreco. Elevate your infection control efforts with SANI-99™ today.

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