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Defending Poultry Farming Against Avian Influenza: The SANI-99™ for AGRI Solution

In the realm of agriculture, safeguarding bio-security and preventing diseases is an absolute priority. Nowhere is this more critical than in sectors like poultry farming, where the specter of Avian Influenza (AI) looms large. SANI-99™ for AGRI has stepped up to meet this challenge with tailor-made disinfectant solutions, finely tuned for the agricultural industry. Among these innovations, our fogging solution shines as a highly effective method to combat and prevent the spread of Avian Influenza.

Avian Influenza, commonly known as bird flu, is a contagious viral disease that primarily afflicts birds, particularly poultry. It poses a severe threat to the poultry industry, resulting in loss of birds, reduced egg production, and substantial economic repercussions. Furthermore, the potential transmission of the virus from infected birds to humans elevates AI to a pressing public health concern. We are acutely aware of the distinct challenges confronting the agricultural sector, particularly within the poultry industry. To combat Avian Influenza effectively, SANI-99™ for AGRI provides tailored disinfectant solutions, including advanced fogging techniques. Fogging is a specialised disinfection method that deploys a fine mist of disinfectant throughout poultry houses. This approach excels in reaching the most challenging areas, including nooks and crannies that remain elusive through conventional cleaning methods. Our fogging solution is meticulously customised to cater to the unique requirements of poultry farms, offering a robust defense against AI.

Key Advantages of SANI-99™ for AGRI Fogging Solution

1. Comprehensive Coverage: Fogging leaves no stone unturned, ensuring every nook and cranny within the poultry house receives thorough disinfection. This is instrumental in eradicating concealed AI reservoirs.

2. Swift Disinfection: Fogging delivers rapid results, saving precious time and resources for poultry farmers. It stands as a convenient and efficient method to counter outbreaks promptly.

3. Effective Pathogen Eradication: SANI-99™ for AGRI’s fogging solution is engineered to eliminate a broad spectrum of pathogens, including AI viruses. This provides a heightened level of bio-security.

4. Preventive Measures: Beyond responding to outbreaks, regular fogging can be seamlessly incorporated into bio-security protocols to thwart AI introduction into poultry farms.

5. Safe and Tailored Formulation: Our disinfectant formulation is designed with the safety of both poultry and farm workers in mind. It caters to the specific needs of poultry farming, guaranteeing effective disinfection without endangering the birds.

By selecting SANI-99™ for AGRI and leveraging our tailor-made disinfectant solutions, poultry farmers fortify their defences against Avian Influenza. This ensures the well-being and sustainability of their flocks, while contributing to global efforts in curbing the dissemination of this substantial agricultural and public health threat. To explore our solutions in detail, please download our brochure for more information.

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