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Innovations in Infection Control: SANI-99™ Leading the Way in Healthcare

In the fast-evolving landscape of healthcare, where the battle against pathogens is a constant challenge, innovative solutions are the need of the hour. Scientific Sanitation Solutions proudly introduces SANI-99™, a groundbreaking disinfectant that is revolutionising infection control in healthcare settings. With its unmatched potency, skin-friendliness, and adherence to rigorous industry standards, SANI-99™ is emerging as the ideal choice for healthcare professionals.

The Power of SANI-99™

SANI-99™ presents a groundbreaking solution. It targets and eliminates pathogens without the use of alcohol or chlorine. Its unmatched potency exceeds bleach by 2,000 times, ensuring exceptional effectiveness. Additionally, it is gentle on the skin, and accidents like swallowing or eye contact pose no harm.

Proven Efficacy

SANI-99™ has undergone rigorous testing in accredited laboratories, following European Standard EN and ilac.MRA/SANAS protocols, ensuring its certified efficacy. This product has demonstrated its ability to effectively eliminate a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and enveloped viruses.

Setting New Standards

One of the hallmarks of SANI-99™ is its compliance with a multitude of rigorous industry standards. It has proudly surpassed several key standards, including EN1276, EN13727, EN1040, EN13697, EN14476, and many more. These standards confirm SANI-99™ as a paragon of reliable and effective infection control, earning the trust and endorsement of healthcare professionals and establishments worldwide.

The Importance of Log 7

Achieving a 7-Log reduction (99.99995%), SANI-99™ stands as a top-tier non-alcohol-based disinfectant. This potency ensures the thorough elimination of pathogens, making it a superior choice for infection control in healthcare settings.

Distinction from Alcohol-based Products

The main distinction between SANI-99™ and alcohol-based products lies in efficacy and user-friendliness. While alcohol-based products offer short-lived effectiveness and come with strong odors, flammability risks, and potential skin damage, SANI-99™ remains active longer, isn’t flammable, and has demonstrated a ‘soothing’ effect on the skin. It stands out as a safer, more enduring option for healthcare professionals.

Guardian for Healthcare Workers

In the demanding world of healthcare, where the regular use of disinfectants is a necessity, we understand the paramount importance of choosing products that protect our healthcare workers. SANI-99™ emerges as a champion, offering a non-toxic and entirely safe solution.

Why SANI-99™ is the Ideal Choice for Healthcare Professionals

  1. Gentle & Skin-Friendly Hand Sanitation: In healthcare, frequent hand sanitization is crucial. SANI-99™’s compliance with the exclusive EN1500 standard ensures its effectiveness in reducing harmful microorganisms on hands, providing reliable protection for healthcare professionals, patients, and visitors. The EN1500 standard reassures healthcare workers that they can trust SANI-99™ for frequent hand sanitization without worrying about skin irritation or compromising disinfection.
  2. Non-Toxic Formula: SANI-99™ is designed with the utmost care, ensuring it is completely non-toxic. Healthcare professionals, who often come into direct contact with disinfectants, can now perform their crucial tasks without worrying about harmful chemical exposure.
  3. Inhalation-Friendly: SANI-99™ releases no harmful fumes or volatile compounds that can be detrimental to respiratory health. Our healthcare workers can breathe easy knowing that they are using a product that prioritizes their lung health.
  4. Protecting Allergy-Prone Staff: Allergies can be a significant concern among healthcare professionals. SANI-99™ is formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions, ensuring a safe environment for all members of our healthcare community.
  5. Rigorously Tested for Safety: SANI-99™ has undergone exhaustive testing to ensure it meets the highest safety standards. Rest assured that we have left no stone unturned in ensuring the well-being of our healthcare staff.

In a world where the health and safety of frontline heroes are paramount, SANI-99™ has stepped up as a remarkable innovation that redefines safety and efficacy in healthcare settings. By meeting stringent standards and offering unmatched performance, it has become the preferred choice in the realm of infection control.

You can now order Medical Grade SANI-99™ directly through the NHS Supply Chain as well as Lyreco, further ensuring its accessibility to healthcare professionals who need it most. For in-depth insights into the challenges faced by healthcare settings and the capabilities of SANI-99™, please download our brochure.

Protecting the health of healthcare workers and patients is our top priority, and with SANI-99™, we are committed to making healthcare environments safer and more secure than ever before.

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