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Case Studies

Welcome to our Case Studies page! Here, we showcase real-world examples of how our innovative sanitation solutions have successfully addressed various challenges across different industries and environments. Explore our collection of compelling case studies to gain insights into the power and effectiveness of our cutting-edge technologies.


Discover how our solutions have revolutionised water sanitisation, air purification, surface disinfection, and more. These case studies provide concrete evidence of our commitment to delivering sustainable, efficient, and scientifically-backed sanitation solutions. 

Group of healthy 'ayam kampung' in farm which produce eggs. Traditional chicken farm in In

SANI-99™ For AGRI​​

CASE STUDY: The Chirpy Egg Co, Lincolnshire,UK


CASE STUDY: Makoko, Nigeria

Group of four black African girls carrying water buckets on their heads on their way home


CASE STUDY: Mozambique, East Africa

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